It’s time for a weekly roundup! There are tons of information that may be really helpful and useful. But in this roundup I’ve decided to change the concept a little bit. As it is the end of 2015 you can find a lot of posts connected with trends in web design, conversion optimization and so on. Hope you enjoy them. So, let’s start.

2016 Web Design Trends to Boost Conversions

Now that we’re nearing the end of 2015, web designers and UX experts are setting their sights on what 2016 will bring. While there’s no shortage of web design “trend reports” floating around the Internet, most simply tend to focus on what’s trending in terms of visual style.

It can be creatively inspiring to see the latest styles, but a great-looking website doesn’t mean much if it doesn’t connect with and engage its audience.

So check out this infographic by the team at The Deep End, which identifies ten trends that have the most potential to actually convert users into customers.


7 Conversion Optimization Trends to Stay Ahead of the Game

The ever-increasing competition on the web has forced marketers to be more creative in their content marketing endeavors than ever before in order to drive conversions. In fact, conversion optimization has now become a must. According to a Venture Beat survey report, conversion rate optimization is one of the most crucial aspects of modern-day content marketing technology.

So, here you’ll find 2016 predictions for conversion rate optimization trends. Let’s have a look.


12 Conversion Optimization Trends That Are Completely False

Conversion optimizers are great people. But sometimes, they begin following misleading trends, spreading myths, and believing lies.

Some popular study or a well-known blogger comes out with some “new advice” or “shocking result,” and suddenly, people are doing things that could be hurting their conversion rates, skewing their test results, or distracting their focus on conversion optimization.

Here are twelve such trends that could be hurting your conversion optimization.


Marketing Trends for 2016 – Will we be in a post-digital era?

Throughout each year, there is always a lot of interest in predictions for the year ahead and the latest marketing trends.”What’s Hot?” and “What’s Next?” are always the most common questions when I give webinars and talks! As we near the end of the year, and people look to the year ahead, the interest increases. Since it’s that time again, in this post and a series of others looking at customer lifecycle tactics, you’ll see the latest trends in marketing which look set to continue into 2016. Let’s dive in.


Marketing Predictions for 2016

We are always interested in trends. Once a year a few marketing predictions on trends are shared. In this article you’ll read some predictions connected with content, social media, web design. So, let’s read and see the top trends for 2016.