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Much has been said about the importance of A/B testing. Here are the ideas that one should start with.

Call to Action Buttons

Probably it is one of the most important elements on a webpage. It is the most crucial thing that can stimulate a user to buy your product, sign up etc.

No one doubts that it is vital to know how CTA buttons should look like. First, avoid phrases that contain more than three words. Probably, 4 words is the limit.

Use verbs and that will make your visitors act. The best examples are ‘Download’ and ‘Join now’. Choices of text and background colors must be contrastive and the button should stand out. Be clear and concise. Help your visitors understand you.


However, if everything is so easy and simple what should one test?

The issue with A/B testing is that every test result and surprise you. The best idea is to experiment with locations. Try different positions and see which one works better.


Change the text. Even for the registration button there are so many synonyms like ‘Register’, ‘Join us now’, ‘Sign up for free’.

Sometimes one button is not enough; add one more, two more. You may be shocked to see the results.


What can prevent your visitor from registering when he decided to do so? Right! Completely wrong registration form. Don’t you get mad and tired when you are asked too many questions? Remember that when editing your website. Avoid too long forms with too many unnecessary questions. Do not forget that user’s time is your money. Reduce the number of duplicate questions (like ‘Phone number’ and ‘Additional phone number’)


While A/B testing your forms pay much attention to the steps and orders of the questions.

Or try to just ask for an email address. That will help your viewers feel more comfortable with your website.


If you want to gain trust, explain your customers what your pricing is based on. Ensure them that they pay only for the service provided and that they will not find something cheaper and more effective. Use the phrases like ‘Best choice’ or ‘Approved by experts’.


Nowadays more and more experts recommend to test the order of your pricing list. Today more than 85% of website have the order from the cheapest to the most expensive. But what if you rearrange it? The great result will follow soon.

If you want to attract more clients, offer them different discounts. Do not worry about your profit; it will be paid off anyway.