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As you know recently online payment via Tap2Pay has become available to our users. And we want to share our experience on how to choose a payment gateway for business. If you now choose a payment gateway or if you want to change the existing one, this article may be useful for you.

The primary criteria of payment gateway choosing for us were:



The payment gateway needs to accept payment with PCI compliance.


Convenience to users

We were looking for an easy payment process without ling registration forms. Now A customers can click on the Pay button on the site and receive an invoice in messenger chat or can continue paying on the site via express check-out widget.

The checkout module looks like a popup form. Therefore, our customers not being redirected, and there aren’t any additional steps that our customers have to make. It’s all managed on the same page. The customs forms integrate with your website using js code. It lets you adjust the fields and choose whether or not you would like a one-step checkout.


High conversion of payments

We were looking for a service that provides payments without redirections and does more than just collecting payments from our customers but focuses on increasing conversions, and works great for European markets, supports different currencies and languages.

For us, it is important to pretty much all payment scenarios are supported, like with recurring payment, language selections, custom forms.


Easy Integration Process

For us, it is important easy integration when we don’t need to have programming skills and when payment gateway provides the API access.


Recurring Payments and Subscriptions

As a saas service, we are interested in getting recurring payments from subscribers.


Mobile Support

We were looking for a payment solution which lets us integrate with mobile sites, mobile apps even with a chatbot.


Easy onboarding process

Is one more important thing for us. Onboarding process was as easy and hassle-free as possible and consisted of three steps:

  1. We created an account by the link;
  2. Uploaded photos of ID and business registration;
  3. Created the products with description and price, get js code and copy and past it on our website;

When we start to receive payment, we get access to the dashboard with all analytics.


All these important options for us contained a payment system Tap2Pay. That why now we accept payments via this payment system.


And One More Nice Thing From A Payment Gateway

Tap2Pay “Remember Me” option now lets our customers pay with just a click, without having to remember their credit card details. The next time users want to pay, they will see the checkout form with pre-filled data, and only their CVC will be needed.