How to create A B test in

Step-by-step guide how to create and run experiments on ChangeAgain.Me

If you don’t want to watch the video, here is concise text version:

1. Enter ChangeAgain, and Log In
2. Click «Create Expetiment»
3. Choose «A/B test» . You can make variation of web-site without any coding skills. Click «Next»
4. Enter URL of you web-site. Click «Next»
5. Click on the buttons, titles, pictures and you will see editor. Change the text, move pictures. When you are ready. Click «Next»
6. Set goal of the experiment on the «Goal» page. We import all the goals from your Google Analytics. Or choose common: bounce rate, pageviews. If you would like to set up your own goal, get back to visual editor. Click for example «Sign up» button (you would like to set as a goal) and set « Track Click Goal»
7. Set targeting. Click «Next»
8. Choose name. And copy code to the clipboard. Click «Next»
9. Give code to developer to insert into head tag only once, and you will be able to create infinite amount of page variations without codding.
10. When the code is inserted the experiment will launch.