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Test & Optimize

A/B testing

Changeagain will equally divide your website traffic among all the variations and track which one works the best for you.


Multivariate Testing

Test as many versions of your pages as you need to find the optimal design with highest conversion rate

Split Testing

Split testing allows you to distribute traffic to 2 different URLs of the same page. Unlike A/B testing, you create your own pages in Split testing.

Test & analyze without any restrictions

Full Google Analytics integration

All the goals you are tracking in GA are also tracked in your experiment. No need to create new conversion goals. You can see all testing data and make deep segmentation analysis in Google Analytics

Unlimited impressions

Our pricing does not depend on amount of visitors of your web site. Pay only for amount of experiments. Don’t hesitate about traffic restrictions

Works across mobile, tablet and desktop websites

Create A/B tests on desktop, mobile and tablet websites. The visual editor emulates the mobile and tablet experience so you can see how the changes exactly look on other devices.

The easiest A/B test setup

Visual Editor

No Coding Required. Visual editor empowers you to easily change the headline, button, image or any other element to create multiple variations of your website without the help of a designer or a coder. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is

Simple one-time installation

Changeagain’s installation process is dead simple. You need to put the JavaScript code snippet on your website only once and be assured of a lifetime of easy A/B testing.

Advanced HTML/CSS & JavaScript editing

We don’t limit you to only make “visual” tweaks. You can make more sophisticated changes by using HTML, JavaScript, CSS and jQuery.

Additional features


You can target visitors by their current location and type of devices. Targeting by cookies, browsers, new/returning visitors, cities utm-parametres will be relized soon.

Asynchronous Smart Code that will never slow your site

We provide you with an Asynchronous Smart Code which makes sure your website NEVER slows down. So don’t hesitate about. No one will even notice that the code is installed on the site.

Code Check and Error Prevention

We check the code installation during the setup of your account. You will see a warning if we cannot find the snippet of code on any page or warnings when we think the setup did not go well and we are not collecting any data.

Support that you will love

24/7 Support That You’ll LOVE!

To ensure you get the maximum out of the tool, a dedicated account manager helps you to understand our tool and create successfull CRO strategy.

Ideas lab

Amazing lab of 100+ ideas. Our in-house team of experts has created the list of best-practices ideas that you can use on your website right now. As our customer, you get exclusive access.

Case Study Library

See what worked for others in your industry. Case studies for A/B testing. Actionable insights for every business scenario. We believe in the sharing of knowledge and our customers are also generous enough to share their learnings.

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