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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I stop subscription or change plans anytime?

Yes, you can stop subscription anytime you wish. You can also upgrade or downgrade plans instantly.

Do you allow multiple domains?

Yes. We offer cross-domain functions for goal tracking, test and target, and we offer all this out of the box. We will support any number of websites, domains, intranets, extranets, and e-commerce sites

What amount of coding knowledge is required to use Changagain?

Once the Changagain Snippet is installed, you can get started optimizing without technical expertise using a visual editor. Changeagain is also very developer-friendly, with features that enable custom experiments and advanced targeting for a range of use cases.

What will I need to install on my website?

Implementation for the web takes one line of JavaScript on every page you want to optimize.

How many simultaneous campaigns can I run?

You can run unlimited number of simultaneous / parallel campaigns. It’s only limited by your pricing plan.

I'm an agency. Do you offer a bespoke rate?

It is possible to become a preferred partner or a certified agency. Please contact our commercial team using the contact form.

I have more questions. Where can I find answers?

Check out our # for questions about how Changeagain works on your website. If you have questions about an enterprise plan, please send us an e-mail – andrew@changeagain.me. We’ll get back to you!

Which payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept Braintree and Paypal

Why do you use Google Analytics?

We work with Google Analytics in order not only to enhance your analysis capabilities, but also to be more confident in the data( data accuracy of Change Again is 99%). Besides, you get your goals, targeting and many other features from Google Analytics.

If you have another question, feel free to ask!