What will make a user buy your product? Even if you refuse to accept it, almost every our decision is under pressure. Emotional pressure. In this article we will talk about how to create those emotions that will help a user to feel more secure about your service.

First of all, it is very important to understand what your users feel and what emotions they need. If you have a website of a cafe, probably fun and entertainment would be suitable. Nobody will want to see a picture of a happy girl on a website providing funeral services.

There is a limited list of basic human emotions that one needs to work with. Figure out what exactly will work for your website.



As a rule pictures and images provoke the strongest feelings. But what kind of pictures influence our mind more?

According to some researchers different pictures of people have the greatest impact on us. It doesn’t mean that women won’t be happy to see a cute puppy or a small kitten but we feel closer to someone who is similar to us. We can easily differentiate emotions of another person and share his or her feelings. Of course, don’t expect your users to burst into tears and laugh for ages only after they see your landing page but they will probably feel at least something.



Besides the type of picture, keep in mind that quality of it is also very important. If you own an online store and post low-quality images, many users will begin to doubt the fact that your service is of high-quality.

Show the whole process, not the moment. If you sell sports inventory, post pictures of people using it. Do you have a restaraunt? Show how your employees work in the kitchen.



And don’t forget about a picture of an amused client, because whatever you do, you need to make people happy.