Make visitors choose your website. It is not so difficult as you can imagine.



Conversion rate is something that worries every website owner. Having a good conversion rate is a base for high sales volumes. Below are several ways to improve your rates.

1) There is always room for improvement. Admit it. Everything that you do could be done in a better way. No matter how hard you work, you could work harder. Be creative and let your visitors speak. Ask them what they do and do not like. Communication can be crucial.

2) Focus on what you have. Do not always look for new audiences. Instead get your site performing better for your existing users. Remember that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.



3) Get acquainted with your users. You can ask for feedback or simply run surveys. Your customers can definitely help you to improve.

4) Check your headlines. The headlines on your website pages are typically the first thing visitors read, and often compels them to read more or exit your site immediately. The right headline could dramatically increase your conversion rate. So test new headlines frequently.


5) Don’t forget about A/B testing. Only experiments can show you what your users need. Maybe just the size of a button separates you from success.