Herban Myth

You want to increase your revenue by improving your conversion rate. And probably someone told you that the best solution is to start doing A/B testing.  And suddenly it comes to your mind: ‘Oh, that’s too expensive’ or ‘  C’mon, I already know everything I need to improve’

But what is actually true about A/B testing? Let’s talk about some wide spread myths regarding  A/B experiments.


  • You already know what needs some improvement

You have got years of experience in online marketing, so why to waste money on A/B testing?

Because by the time you decide what is best, your competitor might have already got that portion of sales that you wished for. And more than that: everything about online businesses is based on guesswork anyway.

Obviously, the online world is a very fast-paced environment, but it doesn’t mean that any breakthrough is bound to happen right now. You can take your time and try a few options without the fear that your competitor will destroy your business overnight.

  • A/B Testing is Expensive

A/B testing tools market is getting larger and larger. And definitely it is not a problem to find a cost effective tool for your websites. Just remember: A/B should never be expensive. Some services provide trial periods or there is a possibility to launch one or two experiments for free.

  • You should test each element on your web page

You definitely don’t want to take risks and test every small element on your webpage. It will help you to find a solution but it still takes time, and you need to allocate financial and human resources for each test. That is why A/B testing should be done wisely.

Besides, if you have rather low traffic, you’d better wait until it increases. It will also help you to realize who the winner is sooner.

  • There is no need to run A/B testing for two weeks

There is a reason you should run the A/B testing for a certain amount of time and through a specific number of visitors. It provides you with relevant data, which will guide you to better decisions. If you just stop the process halfway, you might have in your hands inaccurate statistics.


So, in order to avoid some common mistakes you should start A/B testing wisely. If it is done in a proper way you will be surprised to see how your conversion rate may increase.