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Changeagain features overview [video]

Overview of all features you need to create A/B test and run experiments.    


A/B Testing Cases from Quoteroller and Basecamp

Our friends from Quoteroller.com have done 5 a/b tests, here is the results. 1 . Right variation increased sign-ups by 38% – a big rise! 2. Changed title increased sign-ups by 34% – a big rise! 3. Are you thrilled with blurred … Read More

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20-1 Most Common Misconceptions About A/B Testing

Everyone, who has already made a single A/B test (or planning to carry out one) should understand what ideas work and what just can work. Sometimes it’s hard to. A lot of them look pretty. They must work and boost … Read More


Weekly roundup: best CRO posts of the week

A lot of great posts about a/b testing and conversion optimization published weekly. To make sure you didn’t miss something really important we gathered the most valuable and shared post of the previous week. Let’s show it up. 18 Cognitive … Read More

Headlines: the most overlooked point of conversion

Headlines: the most overlooked point of conversion

Have you ever thought about what people actually get in front of their eyes, all the time, when they go about their business on the internet? The answer is: headlines, headlines, headlines! That blog article heading, news headline, video headline, … Read More

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19 Hottest Questions About A/B Testing

A/B testing of a website is a relatively new, but a rather effective tool for increasing your website’s conversion rate. In Google Trends, it’s popularity is growing by 50-90 % per month. This evokes numerous questions which are difficult to … Read More

10 successful A/B testing cases (Part 1)

In this article you will find out quite interesting A/B testing cases with following tested elements: “Promo-cod” box Service offering Price information Trust Badges and Homepage menu Also, the article contains not just “Before-After” images, but the hypothesis, descriptions of … Read More

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