As we promised we would publish some A/B testing ideas twice a week. So here are some new topics for you to work on!


  1. Change the color of the STA-button text . you can see Very often    the button, where the text is almost impossible to read. As a result, users do not understand what will happen if you click on it. If this is your situation feel free to test.


  1. Add a time limit or a bonus to the CTA-button. For example, “Buy now with a 20% discount,” or the button “Register for an event” add a note – “there are only 20 seats.” Everyone knows that the presence of restrictions encourages users to perform an action.

  1. Add the explanatory text to the CTA-button (the text that will receive / user will see if clicks the button). This idea is relevant in the case if the button text itself can not convey the essence of further action.


  1. If one of the CTA-buttons on your site is “Buy Now”  try to add another call to action “Try it for free.” There is a fact that a very small percentage of people are ready to make a purchase immediately  not having tried the product / service. That is why the addition of an alternative  can help increase the number of your users, part of which in the future will become paying customers. 

  1. Test the headlines and subheadlines texts . Use exactly those words familiar to your potential customers .   Also try different headline styles – sometimes strict business style works better  and in some cases it is preferable to use the creative and playful variations.


  1. Test the length of headers: short vs. long headers. If your site is full of long texts, users can simply ignore them. In this case, short texts may be more effective.


  1. Compare the effectiveness of a page only the title and a page with a title + subtitle. The title and subtitle are one of the first elements that draw the attention of visitors. And in this case, the subtitle is playing the role of an additional source of important information about your product. So why not take this opportunity? 

  1. Divide long descriptions of goods and services into the list of short and clear points. Bulleted and numbered lists are accepted much better  than those listed in the same paragraph.


  1. Test the texts with positive / negative tone, interrogative / assertive, passive / active. For example, the active heading “Create a page for your business” is much more effective than passive “Business is developing faster than the Internet.” Or text “The chances of survival during the first month after surgery are 90%” subconsciously perceived much better than “The mortality rate after surgery is 10% within the first month.”