Time to continue writing about the most popular A/B testing ideas. We started doing that just some weeks ago and we already got many positive comments. So let’s find out what other ideas you can test right now. If you missed our previous ideas, here they are. We hope you will find them interesting.

1) Test the description of the goods / services. We do not need long descriptions for products that are clear to potential customers. And the user needs to be explained to why he needs to buy products that are too complex. Joseph Sugarman, one of the most famous copywriters, said that the more unusual product you sell, the more text you should write for your potential clients, and the more attention should be paid to the creation of suitable conditions for the purchase. And another quote: ‘The higher the price, the more text you need to justify it.’

2) Test different customer reviews. For example, if on the landing page you have there are all super-positive reviews about you, the potential customer may think that they are not real. So try different options. All the comments should be real. Moreover, the text reviews must comply with the language which a potential customer uses.  

3) Add the titles, subtitles or other ‘magical’ words that increase conversion. For example: free, new, fast, easy, stunning, hurry and so on. More about that you can read here. 

4) Add text blocks with the answers to the most common questions and concerns of potential customers to the landing page . The answers to these questions will help to dispel doubts.

5) Test the images: an image of a happy customer / product image / client image with the product. Who knows what you users want to see on your website.

6) Experiment with pictures of people. For example, in one case it is possible to use a picture of a man, in the other one – a picture of a female. Try a  photo with one person on it and with several. Also, try to use images of people of different ages. For example, if the target audience of your product are the youth, it is logical that the picture must be of the same age a person.

7) Provide an opportunity to increase the image. This applies to online stores where sometimes it is impossible to examine the item closely. The idea’s main goal is to give more information to the potential client. More information leads to a better chance to make the target action.

8) If you use an image that you found on the Internet – try to replace it with a high-quality picture, which shows either your product worth spending money on.  

9) Test your slide images. Now many believe that the slides are not the best option for the landing page. First of all,  it does not give control over the page to the user. Secondly, the user can see only one slide and misses some important information. If you clearly decided to use the slider, make sure that the potential customer can easily flip through the slides.

10) And don’t forget about the colors. More information on how to choose them correctly you can find here. Make sure you are doing the right thing before changing your website.