A / B Testing is one of the most effective ways to increase conversion on your site. If you’re new in this sphere, to come up with the idea for an experiment is not so easy. But we decided to help and made a list of  ideas. Go ahead and study, my friends.

Just want to warn that the correct A / B testing – this is a very complicated process. The difficulty is not to start the experiment. This is the simplest thing. The difficulty lies in the formulation of the hypothesis, to find ideas for testing.


Ideas for A / B testing


  1. Change the text of the call to action buttons. Instead of   ‘Order now’ try ‘Buy now’, rather than ‘sign up‘  use  ‘Become a member of the project’ instead of ‘Download‘ – ‘Get for Free’. In this case, note that the button text should correspond to results obtained after  clicks.


  2. Change the position of CTA-buttons. Put them next to the block of the benefits for the customer or close to customer reviews. If the button is now located at the bottom of the page, place it on the first page (the page that can be seen immediately) as many users do not turn the page down and never see this button.


  3. Add the navigation signs that guide the users to the CTA-buttons.   These arrows may be simply directed at CTA-button or arrows with explanatory text.


  4. Put some more CTA buttons throughout the page instead of just one. This is especially true in the case of long landing pages. The presence of several buttons  should be more effective.


  5. Use a simple text link instead of the button. Practice shows that it is more efficient in some cases. Why? I personally do not understand. But the real case studies confirm this fact. If you decide to run an experiment, make sure that the link is visible to visitors and encourage them to click on it.


  6. Add an icon to the text of STA-button. A good icon can attract additional attention of the  visitors. In addition, it may carry a certain meaning. For example, on the “Send” it will be quite logical to add the letter icon.


  7. Apply hover effect to the CTA-button in order  to make it more attractive and interactive.


  8. Change the CTA-button color, make it stand out against the background to attract  the attention of visitors. Your site should be a visual hierarchy, ie the most important elements should be more notable. And what could be more important than the call-to-action buttons ?!